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حوزه فعالیت مطالعه، مشاوره، تهیه طرح، نظارت و اجرای پروژه­های ساختمانی، راه سازی، شهرک سازی، شهرسازی، محوطه سازی، فضاهای سبز، فضاهای داخلی و نمایشگاهی، فضاهای‌گردشگری، مرمت و احیاء ابنیه تاریخی و محوطه های باستانی، مرمت و بهسازی بافت‌های با ارزش تاریخی شهری و روستایی، ساماندهی و بهینه سازی مطالعات شهری و منطقه­ای بر اساس اطلاعات جغرافیایی، ارائه خدمات رایانه­ای سخت‌افزاری و نرم­افزاری در خصوص هنر و معماری و شهرسازی و مفاهیم هنر معماری و شهرسازی ایران و جهان، تهیه طرح‌های منطقه­ای اعم از شهری و روستایی و سایر اقدامات مشابه، کلیه اموری که به نوعی به حوزه مهندسی، هنر و معماری و شهرسازی مرتبط باشد.

طاق بین‌المللی کیفیت  BID 2014 | READ MORE …

    The Conventions are part of the B.I.D. Quality Awards Anual program, created to recognize the prestige of the featured companies, organizations and entrepreneurs. The ceremonies are attended by companies of different countries, together with leaders of many business sectors, professionals of the world economy, arts and corporate image, quality experts as well as academics celebreties and diplomatic representatives. The event will be coverage by journalists, TV cameras, videographers and photographers to appear in publications and in the broadcast media. 

During the celebration, the awards are presented in the following three general categories: Gold, Platinum, Diamond

Accordingly to the Criteria of:

    1. Excellence in Leadership and Business Management 

    2. Quality and Excellence

    3. Business and Brandname Prestige

    4. Technology, Innovation and Projection 


مدیریت کیفیت


 QC100 | READ MORE …

   The QC100 model outlines the criteria for voting for Business Initiative Directions (B.I.D.) awards. The International B.I.D. Awards are presented on the basis of the criteria of QC100 TQM (Total Quality Management), of which contents serve as guidelines to business entrepreneurs to improve processes and systems, Basic steps to successfully implement a TQM program in companies:

   1. A quality-driven organization.

   2. A customer-minded approach.

   3. Job satisfaction.

   4. System efficiency.

   5. Technological renewal.

   6. Leadership in society.

   B.I.D.’s model QC100 TQM allows company managers to consolidate and strengthen their position on the market. The QC100 TQM is a management approach that aims for long-term success by focusing on customer satisfaction. TQM is based on the participation of all members of an organization in improving processes, products, services, and the culture in which they work.

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